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WhatFont Tool

2 November 2011

Ever wanted to find out what font has been used on your favorite websites? Well, you could always of course use FireBug and look through this site’s stylesheets, but that’s too complicated. WhatFont is a tool that I’ve been using … Continue Reading →

Pixel Hinting Vectors in Photoshop

28 October 2011

The very fine details in a design are very important and it’s got to be pixel-perfect! This is very useful tutorial on how to do pixel hinting in Photoshop. It walks us through taking a logo from Illustrator into Photoshop … Continue Reading →

The Kerning Game

11 October 2011

To all you typography fans out there including myself, here’s a game you will surely enjoy: Kern Type. It’s built with HTML5, plus, open the website on your iPad for a multitouch experience.

3D World Magazine Issue #143

9 October 2011

I really wanted to post this before, but because I had to move to a new place, plus, I got caught up with several other things, so this is a bit delayed (Sorry, Phil!). But I’d like to thank 3D … Continue Reading →

Thank You, Steve Jobs

6 October 2011

Today, I was going to write a note about one of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes about design, but my attention was pulled away from it as I was trying to clean up a stylesheet written in LESS and realizing … Continue Reading →

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