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Engagement Logo Design Process

Engagement logo design

I wanted something clean and simple for the Engagement logo. Initially, I was playing around with the idea of a stylized “E” combined with something that represents data/statistics/graphs, but I wasn’t very much convinced with the “E” idea. It doesn’t really represent “engagement” which also isn’t really a “brand” per se.

Aside from statistics/graphs, I also considered these keywords: reconnect, target, reach, unite/join, captivate/attract/hold/grip, click, etc.

Logo sketches

Design process

But what is Engagement? Google defines it as the quality of user experience that emphasizes the positive aspects of the interaction with a web application and, in particular, the phenomena associated with wanting to use that application longer and frequently. And in much simpler words, it’s to keep active users engaged and re-engage those who aren’t.

So the idea I came up with was:

  • engage/interaction (speech bubbles)
  • pulse (to keep active users “alive” and revive those who are “dead”)
  • tie it with data/statistics (line graph)

Logo sketches

After going back to the drawing board and several sketches, this was the initial logo mark rendering I came up with:

Logo initial render

After a few more iterations and fine tuning the corners and spacing:

Icon design process

To match the logo mark, I wanted to use a typeface that doesn’t have very sharp edges — something smoother and a bit friendlier. I found a couple of fonts that I liked, but I didn’t want to purchase something that in the end may not work so I figured it’d be better if I created my own.

Logo typeface design

For the logo mark, I also explored a couple of other options:

Logo design concepts

The final logo:

Engagement logo

Engagement logo

Engagement logo black and white

Engagement logo

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