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The New

23 June 2014, Journal  News  Notes

Last June 17, I launched this new version of my site. It probably took me over an entire month to get it all up and running. They always say, “You are your worst client” and that rang true. I found … Continue Reading →

Giving Away 2 Dribbble Invites

31 May 2012, Freebies  Notes

These two Dribbble invites have been sitting in my account for a while. I’ve been meaning to give them away, but never got around to do so and I keep forgetting about it. Today, I just renewed my PRO account … Continue Reading →

Font Dragr

7 November 2011, Journal  Notes  Resources  Tools

Check out Font Dragr, a web app for testing custom fonts right on your browser just by dragging and dropping them! Plus, an additional custom feature is by dragging the Font Dragr bookmarklet onto your browser, you can test any … Continue Reading →

WhatFont Tool

2 November 2011, Journal  Notes  Tools

Ever wanted to find out what font has been used on your favorite websites? Well, you could always of course use FireBug and look through this site’s stylesheets, but that’s too complicated. WhatFont is a tool that I’ve been using … Continue Reading →

Thank You, Steve Jobs

6 October 2011, Journal  Notes  Personal

Today, I was going to write a note about one of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes about design, but my attention was pulled away from it as I was trying to clean up a stylesheet written in LESS and realizing … Continue Reading →