WordPress.com Inbound Partnerships

Princeton Equity Group email campaigns

The problem

The Partnerships team needed an inbound marketing landing page for potential business opportunities.

There wasn’t an existing landing page for parties that were interested to partner with WordPress.com, so oftentimes, they would just reach out to Customer Support and asked to be directed to the right person from there.

The team wanted an eye-catching design that:

  • Highlights the company’s achievements that set us apart from competition
  • Communicates our values and mission
  • Has a clear way to reach out to the company for partnership opportunities


  • Design lead
  • Visual design

Brand Guidelines

It is important to keep the company’s brand in mind in any marketing collateral that the we release to make sure that the company is represented in the best light.

I worked with the team to come up with a visual that will not only capture leads, but also inspire confidence in the brand.


Using low-fidelity wireframes, I explored a few different layouts to plan out the structure of the page and how the hierarchy of information is presented.

Visual design

Once the team has agreed on a direction, I started working on the visual design. The team wanted a prominent call-to-action in the hero and highlight our stats as this is a key factor that sets us apart from our competitors.


The design was well-received within the team and the company. The team was quite excited for partnership inquiries to be funneled through them directly instead of waiting for these to come through Support.

We wanted a design that appeared professional yet friendly, hence, I used photography and colors that conveyed a more human, relatable, and interesting feel. Our highlighted statistics in pink were effective in conveying that while we are a well-established company, we are still friendly and approachable.